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Lenovo Tablet 10 reviews

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3.4 / 5 stars (15 reviews) - A Great Windows Tablet

Latest review: March 5, 2016 | Model: Lenovo Tablet 10 20C1002RUS

I bought this tablet (2gb ram and 60gb hard drive) in order to store, read, and annotate the many pdfs (more than one thousand, in fact) that I have. Web browsing and word processing were the other two goals when I purchased my ThinkPad 10-Second generation. I wanted something between the Surface (too expensive and rather heavy) and cheaper but less capable windows tablets -- hence my choosing this one. After three months of using the ThinkPad 10, I must say that I am extremely satisfied. To be sure, it is not as fast as windows tablets powered by intel core, but it is fast enough for word processing, reading pdfs, and surfing the Internet. It is extremely light, it has a sleek aesthetics, and it is quite sturdy (the other day I dropped it by accident on the kitchen floor, and nothing happened to my tablet, not even a scratch!). The pen works perfectly, and so do the other complements (i.e., cover, keyboard) to the ThinkPad 10. Compared to IPad Air and Surface 3, the ThinkPad 10 ranks very favorably, not only in price, but also in terms of performance, portability, and looks. I strongly recommend it to you.

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Lenovo ThinkPad 10 Tablet Review