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HP ZBook Create reviews

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HP ZBook x2 Review

4 / 5 stars - The HP ZBook x2 is a powerful art tool, but other machines offer stronger graphics and its price may limit it to professionals.

Review date: March 12, 2018 | Model: HP ZBook x2

The HP ZBook x2 is a specialized tool for digital creatives that need power, a high-res screen, a fantastic stylus and accessible shortcuts for the Adobe creative suite, albeit with mediocre battery life. It's expensive, but there's no machine out there like it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone other than hard-core professional artists or editors who want one device that can do everything... Those who want professional-grade inking and Adobe integration in an all-in-one device need look no further than the ZBook x2. Just be prepared to fork out a hefty amount of dough for all the bells and whistles.

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HP ZBook X2 Review