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HP Z840 reviews

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Tower of Power: HP Z840 Workstation

The latest Z Workstation adds some tools to it's competition-crushing toolbelt. Review date: April 13, 2017 | Model: HP Z840

So that's our intro to the biggest, baddest, Z machine, the HP Z840 Workstation. Be sure to stay tuned over the coming days, as we'll be posting a review of the Z840 machine we have been testing. Not to spoil the surprise, but if you must buy before the review hits the streets, consider this machine when hunting for the perfect production workstation: This writer has looked closely at many options, Mac and PC, both off-the-shelf and totally custom, and this machine is the sweet spot. It can combine the power of a custom workstation with the stability and backing of a major brand, and throw you for a loop with innovations that custom builders hadn't thought of. It's truly dazzling.

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Review of the HP Z840 Workstation, Z27s Display & Quadro M6000

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