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4 / 5 stars (1 reviews) - Need Driver disc

Latest review: October 29, 2018 | Model: HP Z6 G4 1WU32UT

This system may have gotten 5 stars if HP had put a driver disc in the box. Why you ask? Because the system requires a proprietary driver to install Windows. Latest Windows 10 1803 btw. I have to wade through HP's support page to find Windows drivers and copy them on to a USB or Disc. With most computers you don't need any special drivers to install Windows, but with this system you do. HP should know that and spend the $0.20 to supply them. Add to the fact that their support page isn't very good, and yes they deserve to lose a full star. On the upside, it is a very well built machine, with a great access door design, and is a sexy looking machine as well.

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