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HP OMEN 880 reviews

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3.3 / 5 stars (4 reviews) - Great Tower

Latest review: January 9, 2019 | Model: HP OMEN 880-021

I purchased 4 of these for heavy finance system use. Gamers may cringe at the thought, but they are doing the job well and users are very happy with the performance. I have an issue with one tower pending that may be RAM related but I have not been able to pull the unit out of use to fully test yet. Seller communicates well and is responsive. Just be aware of one thing I ran into. When accessing the HP website to get warranty information the units showed they had expired warranties. I assume this is likely because they have been sitting on the reselllers shelf for a while. I submitted a dispute of the warranty with proof of purchase to HP and they reinstated the warranty for the full year. So not an issue but be ready to deal with this when you purchase.

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HP OMEN 880 Review