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HP ENVY x360 coupon code
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HP ENVY x360 reviews

If you like the discount provided by this HP ENVY x360 coupon code but have not made up your mind yet, the HP ENVY x360 reviews listed below will help you make an informed purchase.

Top HP ENVY x360 Review on Amazon

5.0 / 5 stars (4 reviews) - love my Envy

Latest review: April 3, 2019 | Model: HP ENVY x360

So far so good. Touchscreen works very well. The only issue I have is when on a tablet mode, its too heavy to hold, so I need to use the tent mode. Other than that, it s a great laptop.

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Most Helpful HP ENVY x360 Review on Best Buy

4.7 / 5 stars (1364 reviews) - Pleasantly Surprised

Latest review: April 13, 2019 | Model: HP ENVY x360 15M-CN0012DX

My main laptop had been an Asus Q551. Worst laptop I've ever owned. I suffered with it for three years and the lcd panel crapped out. I researched and chose this one. I also looked at a couple of Dells, a Lenovo, and a more expensive HP Spectre... There is one irritating issue with this machine. If you are using headphones connected through the headphone jack, there's a 2-3 second delay from the time the music / video starts to when you start getting sound. This isn't an issue listening through Bluetooth earphones or from the laptop speakers. This is a known issue yet HP hasn't bothered to fix it. This problem is over a year old and affects about every HP laptop. I'd dock this laptop a half star but having to choose between 4 and 5, I still think it's a 5.

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HP Envy x360 Review

3.5 / 5 stars - It isn’t without flaws, but the cheapest HP Envy x360 is an attractive convertible laptop. Review date: February 13, 2017 | Model: HP Envy x360 15-ar002na

While it isn’t the most powerful, nor the lightest convertible notebook on the market, the Envy x360 does just enough to differentiate itself from the Pavilion x360. This is largely down to the M.2 SSD, which helps pick up the performance shortfall caused by the processor. The cheaper Pavilion is still probably a better buy in terms of raw value for money, but the Envy’s lighter weight and better build are big plus points.

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HP Envy x360 15: The MacBook Pro Killer