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Dell Vostro 3000 reviews

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Top Dell Vostro 3470 Small Review on Amazon

4.2 / 5 stars (5 reviews) - Great Deal with upgrade potential. (Some caveats.)

Latest review: March 25, 2019 | Model: Dell Vostro 3470 Small

I was looking to upgrade my Plex server with a faster hardware-accelerated Intel CPU since my NAS was not quite keeping up with 4K software transcoding. After narrowing it down to a J5005 powered Intel NUC or HP Mini, I noticed this unit with an i3 CPU for only a little bit more. Sold!.. All that said, it was very easy to download an official version of Windows 10 directly from Microsoft, burn it to a DVD (a USB would be another option), and install a "clean" version of Windows to the SSD. Windows 10 recognized the Vostro as a licensed computer and no key was required. Very slick and very simple. EDIT: The power cord was quickly shipped as promised by SJ Computers, so I’m raising the review to 5-Stars.

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Part 1 Dell Vostro 3470, 1 month user review of features, cpu benchmark, RAM upgrade