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45% off

You may use this Dell Precision coupon code to save with a whopping 45% discount off the retail price for participating Precision workstation laptops, desktops and racks as long as the system you choose is purchased online. In addition, you will also get free shipping for your order. The expiration date associated with this coupon code for Dell Precision computers is March 27, 2019 at 4 PM CST. Configure your system of choice to online to qualify. Only Precision workstations purchased online are eligible. Dell Precision coupon codes cannot be transferred. The savings are stackable with other discounts but not any other Dell Precision coupon code. Buy your system using the Dell Small Business website to be eligible. It is not possible to redeem more than one offer per shopping cart. A limit of 2000 redemptions can be used. The promotion may be ended early if the specified redemptions are made. Resellers are not eligible to redeem coupon codes for Dell Precision PCs. This offer may be modified or expired without advanced notice. Taxes, shipping, handling and other charges are not discountable. Dell Precision coupon codes cannot be applied to orders that have already been placed. No more than 3 systems may be purchased per order. This discount will only be credited towards one system that has been added to the shopping cart. Dell may cancel an order that was placed due to errors.

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