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Review: Dell Precision 7920 Tower workstation

The price may put it beyond the reach of some users, but for demanding tasks like rendering or simulation, Dell’s top-of-the-range workstation is one of the most powerful DCC systems available.

Review date: October 4, 2018 | Model: ell Precision 7920 Tower

I have spent several months with the Dell Precision 7920 Tower system reviewed here, integrating it into my regular work pipeline and overall, have found it to be the fastest workstation I have ever used. It packs some of the highest-performance components available today into a high-quality, efficient, and – the cooling solution aside – well-thought-out package. The only area where it seemed underpowered was its mid-range Quadro P4000 GPU. In reality, a system like this should be equipped with a high-end GPU, such as an Nvidia Quadro P5000 or P6000, or an AMD Radeon Pro Duo or Radeon Pro SSG... If you’re looking for a workstation that can handle some of the most extreme computing tasks in DCC work, look no further than the Dell Precision 7920 Tower.

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Dell Precision 7820 Tower Workstation: Compact Power

This new Dell workstation packs dual CPUs in an innovative chassis.

Review date: November 1, 2018 | Model: Dell Precision 7820

We’d be the first to admit that $12,582 is a lot to spend for a workstation. We suspect Dell was trying to impress us by including two high-end CPUs and an overabundance of memory. Still, such a configuration may be just the ticket for those doing high-end analysis and simulation. Those with less-demanding needs could still configure a 7820 with a single fast CPU and a third as much RAM for thousands of dollars less, while still benefiting from independent software vendor certification and plenty of room for future expansion. Either way, the Dell Precision 7820 is a powerful workstation in a deceptively compact package.

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Dell Precision 7820 Tower Workstation Review

The Dell Precision 7820 Tower is a powerful desktop workstation with a range of impressive options to suit the needs of most resource-intensive use cases.

Review date: March 2, 2018 | Model: Dell Precision 7820

As demonstrated above, Dell’s Precision T7820 proved to be an impressive desktop workstation that has some pretty deep customization options, including a wide range of high-end AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards like the Quadro P4000. Users can also power up their T7820 workstation with two Intel Xeon processors (which feature up to 28 cores per processor), up to a massive 384GB 2666MHz of DDR4 ECC memory. Dell also offers a variety of drive configurations for a maximum of 24TB total storage, which includes M.2 NVMe PCIe SSDs via the 6 available PCIe Gen 3 slots. It also features the usual connectivity options such as USB 3.1 Type A and C, USB 2.0, and a spot for a SATA optical drive... The T7820 is a powerful desktop workstation. With its storage, compute and graphics performance, users can be assured that it will be able to handle most resource-intensive workloads with ease, especially when outfitted with even higher-end components than what we had. However, as is the case of all customizable workstations, this all depends on if you are willing to expand your budget, as the T7820 can get expensive fast.

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