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Dell Precision 3620 coupon code
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Dell Precision 3620 reviews

If you like the discount provided by this Dell Precision 3620 coupon code but have not made up your mind yet, the Dell Precision 3620 reviews listed below will help you make an informed purchase.

Dell Precision Tower 3620 Review

8.7 / 10 stars - A capable workstation for professionals with big ideas but limited budgets Review date: February 18, 2016 | Model: Dell Precision T3620

Overall, there's a lot to like about the Precision Tower 3000 Series, and not much to get disgruntled about. Although you could easily get carried away and end up spending more than you intended, the £788.20 (ex. VAT) 3620 model reviewed here is an affordable yet capable addition to Dell's Precision lineup and a very welcome one for workstation buyers on a budget.

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Dell Precision Tower 3000 Series (3620) Review & Rating

4 / 5 stars Editors' Choice - Configured with a consumer-level Core i7 processor, the Dell Precision Tower 3000 Series (3620) is a professional desktop that performs just as well as a Xeon-powered one on most tasks, but costs thousands of dollars less.

Review date: September 23, 2016 | Model: Dell Precision 3620

While the 10-core Xeon processors in larger workstations like the Digital Storm Slade Pro have their place, the $6,000-$9,000 price tags are tough to swallow. The $2,765 Dell Precision Tower 3000 Series (3620) is a lot easier to budget for, but still excels on everyday tasks, including photo editing, video editing, and 3D visualization work. It earns our Editors' Choice for single-processor workstation by virtue of performing almost as well as (or better than) the Slade Pro on many of our benchmark tests, all for less than half the price.

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