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Dell PowerEdge R640 reviews

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Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 Review

The Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 is a two socket 1U server aimed at balancing power, density, and cost in a tiny footprint.

Review date: July 26, 2018 | Model: Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 14th generation

Like its predecessors, the 1U PowerEdge family has a lot to offer, including a multitude of options and incredible levels of chassis customization. This time around, the R640 brings so many configuration options to the table, it's easy to understand why it's the lynchpin in Dell EMC's go-to-market strategy for SDS, where compute is more critical than on-board capacity. The R640 is great for mainstream HCI use cases like vSAN/VxRail and XC series (Nutanix), as well as the larger HCI/CI scalable solutions like VxRack SDDC. Of course, the R640 can work well in other classic environments outside the traditional Dell EMC-like hyperscale data centers that may rely on software tools like OpenStack and Redfish. In any case, the R640 is a great addition to the PowerEdge family and will surely find its way into a diverse set of use cases.

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