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Dell OptiPlex 5000 reviews

If you like the discount provided by this Dell OptiPlex 5000 coupon code but have not made up your mind yet, the Dell OptiPlex 5000 reviews listed below will help you make an informed purchase.

Top Dell OptiPlex 5060 Small Form Factor Review on Amazon

3.4 / 5 stars (5 reviews) - I think there is some confusion with the hard drives

Latest review: December 28, 2018 | Model: Dell OptiPlex 5060 Small Form Factor OP5060SFF2WR5F

I don't usually write reviews, but I think there is some confusion on this particular model. A couple of the reviews have said that the hard drives are missing. This model uses an M2 SSD, which means that the drive is a chip connected to the motherboard, not a separate SSD drive connected with a SATA cable. To find this drive you need to remove the optical drive caddy. I have attached a picture of the M2 drive after the optical drive caddy has been removed.

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Dell Optiplex 5060 review: Dull yet dependable

4 / 5 stars (Recommended) - While the Dell Optiplex 5060 doesn’t amaze with bombastic performance and hardware, it’s fast enough for most office work, and Intel Optane Memory gives the single hard disk a welcome boost.

Review date: October 24, 2018 | Model: Dell Optiplex 5060 Small Form Factor

The PC itself, however, will serve well for general purpose office duties. Its hexa-core processor ensures smooth multitasking, it sits unobtrusively on any desk, and even the modest hard disk capacity - one of the few things we're not entirely sold on - should be enough for anyone who spends more time in a browser or word processor than media editing software. Indeed, anyone who works with lots of image and video files would be better served with a different, more powerful PC altogether. For everyone else, this will do the job just fine.

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Dell Optiplex 5060 Micro Desktop | Unboxing & First Impressions | Conference Room Computer!