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Dell Latitude 15 5000 reviews

If you like the discount provided by this Dell Latitude 15 5000 coupon code but have not made up your mind yet, the Dell Latitude 15 5000 reviews listed below will help you make an informed purchase.

Top Dell Latitude 15 5580 Review on Amazon

3.0 / 5 stars (3 reviews) - Engineering student review - Excellent deal, price, and customer service

Latest review: July 25, 2018 | Model: Dell Latitude 15 5580 X1W6W

Looking for a laptop for university last July, I came to Amazon and was not disappointed. After several weeks of product searching for a cheap, high processing capability laptop that would last me through at least four years of heavy use(I am studying engineering and use computational modeling for research and personal projects), I ordered this laptop though The Tech Shop... After a year of engineering school, this laptop has been able to handle all computational tasks I have thrown at it, working smoothly, without hiccups. This machine would rapidly crunch through a MATLAB Monte Carlo "Buffon's needle" simulation my team designed for a term project fairly rapidly even when computational tasks were exponentially large to calculate. In terms of hardware, it's got a quad-core 7th gen i7, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and an NVIDIA 980X graphics as well as Intel integrated graphics. It has many ports that would be used better in a business setting but may find use elsewhere. I have gotten many compliments on this laptop. For the specs, it was an incredible deal. Props again to The Tech Shop for this offer. Would definitely recommend their store to students looking for a reliable laptop and extremely competitive pricing.

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Dell Latitude 5591 Review & Rating

4 / 5 stars - Impatient (and deep-pocketed) business pros will thrill to the Dell Latitude 5591, a speedy six-core productivity powerhouse that outruns most 15.6-inch laptop competitors.

Review date: August 14, 2018 | Model: Dell Latitude 15 5591

Like the Latitude 5491, the 5591 is a niche product—a laptop that's arguably overkill, if not overpriced, for humdrum office work, but lacks the graphics muscle of a mobile workstation. It'll delight users who simply hate to wait for applications, but is a bit hefty next to the elegantly light Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon$1,281.75 at Lenovo and the LG gram 15Best Price at Amazon and lacks the dazzling screen and detachable design of the Microsoft Surface Book 2. But if this Dell misses Editor's Choice kudos, it's not by much—it's a well-built, well-equipped, blazing-fast alternative to a powerful desktop PC.

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Dell Latitude 15 E5570 Notebook Review

83% - Business notebook with long runtimes. Review date: July 14, 2016 | Model: Dell Latitude 15 E5570

Dell's Latitude 15 E5570 is a pure business notebook with a 15.6-inch screen. The design does not really differ from the predecessor, but the changes are bigger inside the device. The ULV processor from the Skylake generation offers plenty of performance for all common tasks. If you need more CPU performance, you should get a configuration with a Core i5 quad-core processor. The device is usually quiet and does not get really warm. An SSD ensures a responsive system and you can also replace the drive. This requires the removal of the bottom panel, which is no problem. Similar to the predecessor, the keyboard can once again convince, and you also get great battery runtimes... The device offers the usual business features like a fingerprint scanner, docking port, SmartCard reader (optional), but Dell waives TPM and implements its own technology called ControlVault instead. The display will not impress anyone. Dell uses a dark and low-contrast panel with limited viewing angles. We expect more from a device priced at 1,000 Euros (~$1112). A device like the Latitude should also be equipped with a USB Type-C port.

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Dell Latitude 5580 Review

Dell Latitude 5591 Review