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Dell Inspiron 3000 coupon code
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Dell Inspiron 3000 reviews

If you like the discount provided by this Dell Inspiron 3000 coupon code but have not made up your mind yet, the Dell Inspiron 3000 reviews listed below will help you make an informed purchase.

Top Dell Inspiron 3656 Review on Amazon

2.9 / 5 stars (43 reviews) - Good mid level desktop with substantial storage and RAM Latest review: July 10, 2017 | Model: Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED

The Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED Desktop is a mid level, mid priced system that nevertheless offers substantial hard drive storage and generous RAM. The biggest issue to ponder is probably the AMD Quad Core FX-8800p 2.1 GHz Processor. Although the top-line specs are impressive AMD processors in general have lagged behind Intel products for some time, and frequently make up for what they lack in core performance by adding cores or increasing clock speeds. The AMD Quad Core FX-8800p has real world performance that seemed to me, in a subjective way, not based on benchmarks, to be probably similar to a mid level Intel dual core i5. That's not a bad thing, those are pretty good processors to be compared to. But, I found the task crunching performance of the system to perform about like a good laptop, rather than a high end desktop machine... In general I would say that I am a happy user of the Dell Inspiron i3656-8022RED. At a $600.00 or so price point it's a good value mid level machine that will satisfy the needs of most users for the real world tasks they use a desktop computer for. RECOMMENDED.

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Top Dell Inspiron 3650 Review on Amazon

4.0 / 5 stars (109 reviews) - Great value priced, mid-sized desktops Latest review: July 6, 2017 | Model: Dell Inspiron i3650-3756SLV

I have three computers from this series, one with the core I3 and two with the Core i5. The machines are working perfectly in a small office environment. The hardest part is getting used to Windows 10, because Microsoft seems to like to change things just for the sake of change. I very much like the reduced size tower format. The machine still has flexibility for future repairs or upgrades, but is compact and quiet as delivered. The cooling fan and disk drive sounds are much less than on our previous systems. I also appreciate that there isn't a ton of pre-loaded bloatware as was all the rage in years gone by. All in all, these machines are a great value.

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Top Dell Inspiron 3252 Review on Amazon

3.8 / 5 stars (117 reviews) - Excellent Value Mini, high storage(1TB), decent amount of RAM(8G), Win10, and still have a DVD burner to use, not bad at all! Latest review: June 28, 2017 | Model: Dell Inspiron i3252-10050BLK

This PC is my first experience with Windows 10, I've hesitated to upgrade my other machines to that, both still run Windows 7. It was a mixed bag there a lot of things were hard to find, but I had that experience with Win 7 a while back too, so no biggie. This is about the PC itself, so let’s get to that. First, it's excellent size for someone who wants a small desktop machine. You'll never break your back, like my experiences with the XPS and Alienware tower machines; I've taken for service locally. You can easily carry this is one hand. I'll let you read all the features, but the 3.0 USB slots on the front are nice as is the media reader slot. It's also helpful to have the headphone jack there. If you still use CD's/DVD's for some things, or like to create your own video or music discs, this still has a read/write drive on the front. It's vertical, so be careful to put the DVD correctly in the tray. There are four USB 2.0 slots on the back as well as a VGA and an HDMI slot if connecting to a flat screen TV of some type... You can hook up a 5.1 sound system to the integrated audio system, but I only had a single Bluetooth speaker, so I couldn't test it fully. The headphones on the front gave excellent sound, I was using an expensive pair of ear buds and they seemed to have great clarity. If you are not a gamer, and are going to use your PC at home or just want a separate surfing or work station that doesn't break the budget or take up much room, I'd recommend this. One thing about Dell they do a good job integrating and matching components, plus it will be a while before the typical chop shop PC place deals with mini's there is probably not a high profit in them right now. Considering the high value, this is a great deal from Dell and the Zon.

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Top Dell Inspiron 3668 Review on Amazon

3.3 / 5 stars (8 reviews) - So far working great and no issues Latest review: June 26, 2017 | Model: Dell Inspiron Dell Inspiron i3668-5168BLK-PUS

I just received this computer accessorized with a mouse and keyboard last week. So far working great and no issues. Fingers crossed that it stays this way months down the line. Although it came in a box ,wrapped only in a bag with some styrofoam, crappy shipping at it's finest. Just glad it works like it should. It seems to be okay, with how the processor runs, I am not to judge since I upgraded from a Windows Vista computer with only 4GB of memory. All and all it was easy to install and not too much bloatware on it, but it gives you the option to install a fresh new Windows if you would like.

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Dell Inspiron 3847 Review

72% - Sometimes all you need is a class-leading functionality for a great price. Review date: May 20, 2016 | Model: Dell Inspiron 3847

So why should you buy the Dell Inspiron 3847 (i3847-4923BK)? It’s got many of the features that cost thousands of dollars more only several years ago, such as 8GB of memory, 1TB hard drive, built-in 802.11 Wi-Fi. This Dell is one of the least expensive systems out there today, and it is just about all you need, especially if it’s your third, fourth, or fifth PC, and intended to replace one you bought years ago.The extra speed and expandability plus no bloatware are what keep the Inspiron i3847 ahead of other desktops. That’s why it gets a nod in our Editor’s Choice in new entry-level desktop worth looking at as you shop for a desktop.

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Dell Inspiron 3000 (3647) Small Desktop Review

4.5 / 5 stars - A Low Cost Desktop PC That Is Small But With Lots Of Features Review date: March 05, 2016 | Model: Dell Inspiron 3647

Most people who are buying a budget class computer system probably aren't going to be getting into their computer to upgrade it. Because of this, smaller desktops make sense as long as they don't sacrifice the features and performance of a traditional desktop. This is precisely what makes the Dell Inspiron 3000 Small so appealing. The system offers more performance, storage and features than other systems at this price point, including some full size systems. So, as long as you don't need to add more internal drives or a high end graphics card, this system is probably one of the best option on the market.

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Dell Inspiron Micro Desktop Review

Dell Inspiron i3252 Review - Low cost mini-PC alternative with 1 TB of storage (i3252-7550BLK)

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