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Dell Inspiron 17 3000 coupon code
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Dell Inspiron 17 3000 reviews

If you like the discount provided by this Dell Inspiron 17 3000 coupon code but have not made up your mind yet, the Dell Inspiron 17 3000 reviews listed below will help you make an informed purchase.

Top Dell Inspiron 17 3793 Review on Amazon

4 / 5 stars (21 reviews) - starsDell support is not great, but the laptop is nice.

Latest review: March 26, 2020 | Model: Dell Inspiron 17 3793

This computer was purchased to replace a Dell laptop with Windows 7. I found it pretty easy to set up, until I got to the point where you have to set up a Microsoft account. I didn't want to set up a Microsoft account, but couldn't go any further without doing it, so I called Dell support. After an hour on the phone with someone who had no idea what to do, yet wouldn't transfer me to anyone else, I gave up and researched it myself. I was finally able to skip the Microsoft account step and the rest was easy-peasy. My only issue at this point is that I keep getting a pop-up that says I have no email set up (I do!) and I will research that issue when it gets to an annoyance point (I think it's because I'm using Outlook 2007, which is supposed to be compatible but probably isn't). All in all, I like the laptop and it does what I bought it for and it powers up and down sooooo fast (my old computer took 10-15 minutes to power up and load, this one is less than 30 seconds and when I power down, bam, it's down. It's a bit big to move around, but I needed the 17" screen (old eyes) so I don't mind.

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