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Dell G7 17 reviews

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Dell G7 17 7790 review – when a large gaming laptop is on a diet

Let’s check out whether the G7 17 7790 is ready to tackle the gaming market head-on, or it trips miserably on the way up.

Review date: April 16, 2019 | Model: Dell G7 17 7790

Dell has done a lot with this budget Alienware. However, we don’t really think they have done enough to distinguish this device from its more budget brother – the G5 – even though we tested only the 15-inch G5 15 5590. We were astonished how these devices got almost the same results in every single test we threw at them. Additionally, they are very hot on the surface and, wait for it – on the exact same spot. OK, apparently, Dell is not very creative with their new devices... So the bottom line is that if you are a fan of Dell’s laptops or you play mostly with a controller you’ll be fine. In fact, you’re going to enjoy this laptop. However, if you are a typical PC gamer, you’re better of with the ROG GL704, or the 17-inch Legion Y740.

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