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Dell Chromebook 14 7000 reviews

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Most Helpful Dell Chromebook 14 7000 Review on Best Buy

4.6 / 5 stars (54 reviews) - A FAST Professional Chromebook!

Latest review: January 25, 2019 | Model: Dell Chromebook 14 C7486-3250GRY-PUS

I usually don't like making bad reviews but I feel like it's necessary in this case. At first the laptop was great, easy to use and I loved the touchscreen. However, when I let it sit overnight and went to use it again for the second time, it refused to turn on. The battery was charged to 100% the previous day and I can't imagine the battery draining that much while it was sleeping. Thinking that the battery was dead I plugged it in and had it "charging" for about an hour. I then went to turn it on again and it still wouldn't turn on. At this point I was getting pretty frustrated, so I went and looked at some reviews online and they said that this had happened on multiple occasions. The laptop refused to turn on and refused to charge. It also stated that you can take it in to a computer shop and they can fix it, but I think that is kind of ridiculous considering I owned it for two days. So I contacted best buy and returned it for being defective.

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