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Alienware Aurora coupon code
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Alienware Aurora reviews

If you like the discount provided by this Alienware Aurora coupon code but have not made up your mind yet, the Alienware Aurora reviews listed below will help you make an informed purchase.

Most Helpful Alienware Aurora R8 Review on Best Buy

4.9 / 5 stars (9 reviews) - Elegant Gaming Powerhouse

Latest review: April 7, 2019 | Model: Alienware Aurora R8AWAUR8-5516SLV-PUS

I'm upgrading from a 4 year old gaming rig with the Nvidia 960 GT, 12 gigs of memory, and an i7 6700K, so this beast is quite the upgrade, and I expect it will last me for another 4-5 years!.. So far, I'm loving the system and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a powerhouse gaming system for all the latest games and VR. Wish I would've taken the plunge and invested in Alienware quality sooner!

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Top Alienware Aurora R7 Review on Amazon

3.6 / 5 stars (100 reviews) - I love Dell products

Latest review: April 2, 2019 | Model: Alienware Aurora R7 AWAUR7-7883SLV-PUS

This computer is a great running computer. I've been using it for a while now, and it is very fast and starts right up and goes right into the sign in mode, once you sign into the computer, you are up and running. It's very quiet and runs very smooth. Software is very easy to load on here, even with software that I've had problems with on other computers, loads right up on this one. The graphics and sound are great too. I have not had any problems with this computer yet, and I've been using it for at least 8 months now. It's quick and clean. It's quiet and stays cool as well.

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Alienware Aurora R7 Review: The Best Gaming PC Gets Better

4.5 / 5 stars Editor's Choice - The Alienware Aurora R7 delivers the same great upgradability as previous models, with powerful new Intel 8th-Gen processors.

Review date: January 28, 2019 | Model: Alienware Aurora R7

The Alienware Aurora is still the best overall blend of design, power and upgradability you can get for the money. Its slick chassis and customizable LED lighting will make it stand out in your command center, and its painlessly easy-to-upgrade internals make it future proof for even the most technically averse gamers. And with support for Intel's 8th Gen Core processors and Nvidia's GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards, it's a legitimate 4K and VR beast. If you want the same easy upgradability within a more subtle design, Dell's XPS Tower Special Edition ($1,149 starting) is an excellent alternative. If you want something more compact without sacrificing too much expandability, the Origin Chronos ($1,200 starting) is worth considering. But if you're looking for an attractive, LED-backlit tower that you can expand over time, the Aurora hits that sweet spot like few machines can.

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Alienware Aurora R7 (i7-8700 & GTX 1080) System Review

8.0 / 10 stars Worth Buying - Alienware’s Aurora R7 system isn’t a tinkerer’s dream nor a barnstorming bargain, but it is an attractive, compact and high-performance machine for a reasonable price.

Review date: May 11, 2018 | Model: Alienware Aurora R7

The Alienware Aurora R7 is the company’s latest small form factor gaming PC. Inside its impressively compact, and typically Alienware-styled, case it packs in a choice of top-of-the-line components and can offer reasonable value as well, depending which configuration you go for... Surprisingly for an Alienware machine – and such a compact one – there’s a reasonable amount of space to upgrade things in the future too, if you’re so inclined. The default cooling also does a decent job, even if it isn’t the quietest we’ve heard. The main sticking point, then, is the price. At £1,729 for this spec, it’s certainly not awful value but you can get the same for a bit less. A similar system specced up with PCSpecialist, for instance, costs around £1,500. That’s certainly not enough that it puts the Aurora R7 out of the equation, but it doesn’t make it a standout bargain either.

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Alienware Aurora R7 Review

4.5 / 5 stars Recommended - Alienware’s most recent update to its Aurora line delivers even better gaming performance and that delightful tool-less design we now can’t live without.

Review date: February 27, 2018 | Model: Alienware Aurora R7

When we’re reviewing gear, sometimes there’s a tiny bit of guilt, albeit unnecessary, when we’re raving about a particular product because obviously nothing is perfect. But honestly, you’d be hard-pressed hard to find fault in the Alienware Aurora R7... Admittedly, it’s not the cheapest gaming desktop available. What it does offer is great value, and that’s what matters more. Plus, if you’re really on a tighter budget, there are more affordable configurations.

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Alienware Aurora R7 Review

4.5 / 5 stars - Lean, mean gaming machine

Review date: February 27, 2018 | Model: Alienware Aurora R7

Alienware’s most recent update to its Aurora line delivers even better gaming performance and that delightful tool-less design we now can’t live without...

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Review: Alienware Aurora delivers incredible power

9 / 10 - A Tardis of a PC . Review date: February 9 2017 | Model: Alienware Aurora R6

When it comes to performance, you should know what to expect from a six grand monster like this – power, and lots of it. We tested all of our benchmarks at 4K resolution with Ultra detail, and it pounded them all into the ground, no sweat. The new Aurora comes in a delicious new package that can be tailored just the way you want it. Although we did have a few overclocking and bloatware issues, we do like its Tardis-like nature; it might not look that big, but man you can chuck a lot of hardware inside.

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