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1-800-GET-LENS discount code

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This 1-800-GET-LENS gives a free lens case with your order. The 1-800-GET-LENS discount code may be automatically added at checkout and is stackable with other offers. If not, make sure to add it.

1-800-GET-LENS discount code offer details

All 1-800-GET-LENS discount codes are generated as a unique sequences of letters and numbers to be entered during the Checkout Process. Such offers are provided for use on the 1-800-GET-LENS website to help you achieve the best discount for your order. This offer will expire on December 31, 2013, if not sooner. If you would like to redeem a 1-800-GET-LENS discount code please follow the instructions below.
How To Redeem:
1. Enter the 1-800-GET-LENS discount code while in your shopping cart and click the apply button.
2. Before completing the Checkout Process, review 'Totals' section to make sure that the freebie was added to your order.
3. Complete Checkout Process as normal.
In some cases, only one 1-800-GET-LENS discount code can be applied to an order. If you have entered multiple coupons then during the checkout process you will be given the opportunity to select which offer you would like to apply to that order.


31 December 2013 -
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